CooSoo sensor seen but no avatar movement

Good day,

I am new to the Zwift world. I have a CooSoo cadence sensor, which I have been able to connect via Bluetooth to Zwift (Zwift sees; BK6-047717). However, when I attach the sensor to the crank close to the pedal and start cranking, my Zwift avatar never moves.

For the trainer, I have an Alpcour, which is not in the list under “select your Trainer” so I selected “Other.”

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,

If you do not have a smart trainer or power meter you will need a speed sensor for your rear wheel. A cadence sensor will only measure your cadence and is not involved at all in the power/speed calculations in Zwift.


Thank you, I just realized that I need two sensors.

Problem solved, thanks!

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Update, I purchased another CooSo sensor, swapped out the batter o change the utility, and still no MPH (see screenshot).

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.