How can I use Zwift with my bike?

Hi Everyone!

I recently got a cheap indoor bike (namely ) which I’d like to use with Zwift. The bike doesn’t have Bluetooth or ANT+.

I was wondering if there’s a speed / cadence sensor I could attach to it to make it work with Zwift? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m new to this (only had the bike for a few days and it’s my first one).

Sorry, but I see no way to connect a Speed and Cadence sensor to that bike to use with Zwift.

But this could get you up and running on Zwift: (if you can find one availible)

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Thank you, so something like tthis won’t work if attached to a shoe or the pedals?

That would just give you cadence. Zwift needs a minimum of a speed sensor to move the virtual avatar and I see no way to mount one on that indoor bike.

You can probably hack something together but you won’t be able to have accurate power numbers it will be totally unrealistic. Zwift need to know the power to speed ratio of the trainer (power curve) to calculate the power from a speed sensor, and zwift doen have the power curve for that bike.

Your best bet will be a Powertap Powercal as Paul mentioned.

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