Nordictrack 1750


Does anyone have the Norditrack 1750 and can you connect it to Zwift? Norditrack are telling us that only their iFit program works nothing else connects.

Regards, Colleen

You can use either a footpod, NPE runn or newer Garmin watch to link it.
Ifit is a program in It’s own right and nothing to do with Zwift.

I use the NPE Runn to good effect on my Nordictrack

Just chatted with Nordictrack and they view Zwift as a competitor. No help.

I’m not sure what you were expecting tbh.

You’ve effectively rung Samsung and asked for advice on an IPhone.

As a last resort.
You can use a pretty inexpensive speed transmitter app on a phone. Transmit via bluetooth to your zwift device.
But have to manually change the speed on it to match change or speed on treadmill. Not ideal but I use it for elliptical and non smart treadmill and Zwift.

Have a look at zwifit, it’s unofficial but I use it for linking my iFit treadmill to zwift. You need to do the initial pairing in conjunction with your iFit account, but once setup it transmits pace/inclination perfectly !

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I have the 1750 but I just use my phone for Zwift and cast to my tv. I’m guessing you are trying to download and use the Zwift app on the treadmill screen? 1. I don’t think there will be enough storage on the treadmill to download the large Zwift app. 2. The Zwift app will still need to connect to the pace/cadence device via Bluetooth or ANT device, it can’t just pull the data straight from the treadmill. Our 1750 can only receive ANT, not send it. And that’s just heart rate, not pace so that won’t do much for you. Bottom line, it’s not going to be possible.

I personally have a Runn sensor for pace and cadence and my Garmin for HR.

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Can I ask for anyone with a NordicTrack 1750 and a Runn sensor, how many stickers did you use on the treadmill belt and how far apart did you stick them? I’ve had mixed results in terms of accuracy with this and wondered how others had found it?

I use 4 stickers on my 1750, evenly distributed.

Experiment with stickers. Some use one, others use 4.

You need to calibrate it your treadmill but be warned this will not be consistent. My NordicTrack can be fine one day then slow the next, then fast the day after.

I can even pause a run and when resumed it’ll give a totally different pace. I’m not convinced the motors are as good as they could be.