Nordictrack Commercial 2450

Is there a way to connect a brand new 2020 Nordictrack Commercial 2450 to zwift. I have tried searching the treadmill using iphone, ipad and a computer with the Zwift app with no luck. I have even logged in as admin to see if the bluetooth works and it is functioning correctly. Can someone guide me on this. Its a bummer to have this equipment and not being able to use Zwift.


Did you find a way to connect your nordictrack to zwift?
Foot pod?

I looked at the specs on this, as I was considering a purchase. Its says “Bluetooth audio capilities”. It says it has two 3 inch inbuilt speakers, but maybe it has capabilities to bluetooth to wireless speaker. I’m thinking that maybe the bluetooth is limited to audio, rather than cadence/speed. There are footpods and treadtrackers on the market to provide these stats I believe. I’m still doing my homework, so all thoughts from a newbie. Hope you find a remedy!!!

I have a NordicTrack C1700 with similar bluetooth capability (audio, HR). After going down a similar rabbit hole, I just ended up adding a Runn bluetooth sensor to the belt ($100 USD). Works really well (speed, cadence, incline). Able to calibrate it properly within Zwift too (more accurate that actual treadmill speed calibration).

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The c2450 seems firmly locked down to use iFit exclusively. Bluetooth functionality is limited to allowing you to play music from a phone or watch to the treadmill speakers. And although the tablet is running Android 7, it lacks the google play services needed to install Zwift. Which is a pity. all the hardware is there but is constrained by software. AFAIK the only way to enjoy zwift on this treadmill is to buy the run pod sensor and cover the tablet console with another tablet. If anyone has discovered a workaround then please let us know.

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How were you able to make the Runn sensor stickers stay in the belt? I have a 2450 and the stickers just fly off!

Superglue. Nearly every treadmill belt is dimpled and getting them to stick is a nightmare.

Sorry for the delay. Just saw this. Yes, sometimes I lose stickers, but in general they’re pretty good about staying stuck. Yeah…glue? Double-sided tape? I reckon you could also just find some good industrial reflective tape and it would work.

Thanks for the information. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.