Crosstrainer/Elliptical on Zwift

Has anyone around here found a way to use Zwift with a crosstrainer? 

Footpods generally don´t work on crosstrainer, so that´s not a viable option. 

Are there any crosstrainers that can connect to Zwift via bluetooth?

Any help would be much appreciated!

I wish we did, I think it would be great to be able to hook up an elliptical to go running, I’ve always preferred them to treadmills myself. But sadly, we don’t have any ellipticals which can pair to Zwift directly. Running is still in beta though, and we should be adding more supported equipment in the future! Hopefully an elliptical will be one of them.

Thanks a lot! I´ll be patient…

You can use the PowerCal heart power meter which will estimate bike wattage from your heart rate. I have used it on the treadmill to move my bike on screen but the numbers will be smaller than real wattage. Do a little research to see if it may fit what you need. Setting needs to be on 3 second averaging rather than instantaneously or there will be spikes and zeros (in my experience) Some zwifters use a powercal when at the gym on various rowing/elliptical/spinning devices.

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Oh didn´t know about that. If I understand correctly, I´ll see a cyclist on screen, with the wattage I generate while being on the elliptical?

That´s a bit odd, but at least a way to get something going on zwift


Thank you a ton!