Are you Zwifting with an Elliptigo? I am

People use different kinds of hardware with Zwift - handbikes, indoor elliptical machines, MTBs, rowing machines (?), sneakers… Each has a different geometry and interaction with Zwift.
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Mine happens to be the Elliptigo brand of outdoor elliptical bike, the 8s.

I’m using it with a Fluid 2 dumb trainer and an RPM sensor, set for a 20" wheel. This lets me generate ~100W in the game, putting me somewhere between the faster runners and the slower bikers. Just like IRL with this machine.

This is enough power that I can enjoy Zwift, keep the scenery moving, and do the work out programs.

Would love to hear what your set up is. At least now there’s a search result!

Yes, I Zwift at least 2x a week using my 8c, sessions normally 60-90min. I have a Kinetic trainer with a smart sensor. I find I can average around 200W and 20+ mph, which I’d never achieve outside. Still, either way, it’s a good workout. Pity there isn’t an ElliptiGO bike for your avatar to ride. Enjoy!

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