Are you Zwifting with an Elliptigo? I am

People use different kinds of hardware with Zwift - handbikes, indoor elliptical machines, MTBs, rowing machines (?), sneakers… Each has a different geometry and interaction with Zwift.
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Mine happens to be the Elliptigo brand of outdoor elliptical bike, the 8s.

I’m using it with a Fluid 2 dumb trainer and an RPM sensor, set for a 20" wheel. This lets me generate ~100W in the game, putting me somewhere between the faster runners and the slower bikers. Just like IRL with this machine.

This is enough power that I can enjoy Zwift, keep the scenery moving, and do the work out programs.

Would love to hear what your set up is. At least now there’s a search result!

Yes, I Zwift at least 2x a week using my 8c, sessions normally 60-90min. I have a Kinetic trainer with a smart sensor. I find I can average around 200W and 20+ mph, which I’d never achieve outside. Still, either way, it’s a good workout. Pity there isn’t an ElliptiGO bike for your avatar to ride. Enjoy!

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I was zwifting on an 11r using a kurt kinetic smart trainer and have used that setup several times a week for about 4 years. Unfortunately the axle on the 11r sheared due to the stresses put on it by the movement/rocking caused by the long steering column. It’s now been repaired (expensive!!) and I have just bought an ElliptiGo fluid 365 trainers which I will use on Zwift with a Bluetooth speed sensor. (Just waiting for the sensor to arrive)Not quite as good as my previous setup but will still allow me to get on Zwift at least.

Wow, so it was the rear axle that cracked or…? Was there damage to the frame too?

In any case, that’s seems like a good reason to get the Elliptigo-specific trainer.

No the frame is fine, it’s just the axle on the Shimano alfine hub that sheared. After being in touch with ElliptiGo, I believe it’s the first time they’ve heard of this happening and the kinetic did used to be the trainer they recommended. I think I was unlucky for it to happen, but you wouldn’t want to be the second! The 365 trainer is well thought out and rock solid because of the front stand. The repair cost £220, so not something I wanted to happen again!