Is elliptical being to be supported in the future?

It’s my fault but because of bad form and an excess of training, but I’ve got a little injured and I’m moving from treadmill to elliptical for a while. I know there are some alternatives to use an elliptical with zwift using a companion device, but are there any plans to support ellipticals for running in addition to treadmills?

Since many ellipticals can already send bluetooth data about velocity, pace, and even heart rate … I was wondering if someone knows something about Zwift plans to support ellipticals in the near future.

Thank you, and see you on the road :slight_smile:

Hey Papi.

Regrets on your injury but way to go in choosing a low impact workout while you recover - elliptical machines are a fave of mine.

I don’t work for Zwift but I would highly doubt they intend to directly add support for elliptical machines.

However, an app called “qDomyos-Zwift” can act as a bridge between ellipticals and Zwift. The catch is (I believe) you need a secondary device (such as a cell phone) to run it and send data to whatever other device you’re running Zwift on.

Here’s a link to the guide: qDomyos-Zwift

…and there are discussions on the forum about it. The author is active here.

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Thank you for your kind answer,

I will try the qDomyos-Zwift and report my experience.

See you on the road!