Best setup help (U.K.)

Hi guys,

New around here, and now that the weather in the uk is freezing, and outside is slippery, I’m succumb to the idea of zwift running with a treadmill.

Anyhows, I’ve been looking for what feels like forever on the best setup to get. I currently have nothing in terms of the setup (I do have my running gear though!)

I want to spend ~£1000, and want delivery as soon as possible, it’s been a week now since I’ve run, and that’s not good!

I love the look of the reebok fr20z, but the delivery is January, and the only place I can find that sells it is which I can’t seem to be able to even call, so unlikely their customer service is going to be any good. That treadmill says zwift compatible, and is £750.

The treadmill is light, simplistic, and looks fantastic.

However- that’s my issue with that one.

I don’t know what or where to even look for anything else. I want a smart treadmill that connects directly, I’m not a fan of the foot pods or belt speed sensors etc, they make a simple task a bit more iffy imo.

I have seen the technogym myrun but that’s over £3k, and for something to get me over winter is probably a bit much.

The treadmill will also be going upstairs, so don’t want it too heavy- although probably wouldn’t make much difference in reality.

Any recommendations on a setup that I should look at?

Thanks in advance,


You have the Xterra TRX3500 around 1000£ in the UK.


I’ve written lots about this on other threads. Have a read through.

Having a smart treadmill isn’t always a necessary and there are simple connectivity options for you. I use an app that reads the treadmill speed and sends it to Zwift.
Simple to use and cost a few quid. This allowed me to spend more on the quality of the treadmill simply because it’s not a smart one.

How do you run Zwift? Windows/iPad etc…

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Sole Fitness will be a safe ans strong choice, excellent engines. Life Fitness is a child company of Sole so you would get the same material. Strong and reliable, that’s what you need if you run on Zwift, don’t look at any big screens or programs, you will never use them anyway.
A Stryd foot pod is a great addition and there is nothing to do to connect, just start moving. easier than that is nothing lol Plus you will have your real speed and not some calculated speed or belt speed, so it’s matching your outside running pace. I use it on my home treadmill (F85 from Sole) with Windows Laptop and ant+ or when I travel in hotels on my android with blutooth…

You generally can not trust treadmill manufacturers to properly support Zwift. Many have a haphazard approach to sensor design and support and units that start out compatible may not be next year. The FR20z is not listed on Zwift’s official compatible treadmill list, and I’d trust Zwift over Reebok: Compatible Running Hardware

I’d recommend ditching the idea of a “Zwift Compatible” treadmill and just buying “whatever treadmill is best for you”, adding one of:

  • Garmin HRM-Pro+ which is not only a chest-strap HRM but acts as a footpod, run-speed sensor etc that’ll connect with Zwift (this one makes sense if you don’t already own an HRM)
  • NPE-Runn smart sensor that clips to the treadmill. (makes sense if you want something that “just works”)
  • a simple running pod (either BLE or ANT+, depending on what device you run Zwift on. If you’re using a PC or Mac, search eBay for “adidas miCoach SPEED CELL” for an ANT+ footpod)

Run Zwift on whatever device you own (phone, tablet, laptop) or if you’re starting from scratch look at either an iPad (“It just works”) or AppleTV (it also “just works” - if your treadmill has a TV in front of it.)