Advise on my (maybe?) future setup?

Hi Team!

I am really new on Zwift and wanted to get back on sport and, why not, make a setup for running on ZWIFT!

Not so important information: I were really invested on sport for some years (2010-2015) due to my working situation, but since 2015 i have really gave up sport.
Today i want to refocus myself and get it back !

To be honest i don’t want to invest 3K€ on a treadmill and my maximum budget is near 1,4K all include.

After some research on the net and this forum, i think i have choosen a setup, but as it is an important investment i really wanted to know if i made a good choice.
That’s why i am asking you if this seems to be a good option.


For the Treadmill i think i am going on a “NordicTrack T10.0” , I think this is a good choice for the speed limit + quality and the Motor (i’ve seen on this forum an advice for at least 2.0/2.5HP?) & this Treadmill is well for a France shipping.

To send data on ZWIFT i’ve seen many thread, but with all thoose advises i am a few lost to be honnest.
The RUNN captor seems to be more precise than the RunPOD and cheaper than a Pod like the STRYD, does it a good idea?

Thanks for your attention, i am sorry if thoose questions were already posted, as i said, after some hours of research , the lot of informations lost me.

I’m sorry too for my broken English, that’s a known fact about French :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice day.



You are looking at exactly the same setup as I have. I have the T10 and a RUNN.

The T10 is a good treadmill, very reliable so far. The RUNN is also a good device but when using it with the T10 you may notice that the reported speed fluctuates +/-0.5km/h.

If you are not bothered about this then it is good accuracy. If you want another option there is an app called Treadmill Speed Transmitter. You do not need anything other than a tablet or phone to run this. Not the device you are using to run Zwift however. You tell the app the speed you are running at and it sends this to Zwift. If you increase the treadmill speed then you tap the screen on the app to increase the speed sent to Zwift. If you are going to run at a constant pace it is perfect. The app costs around 4 Euros.

What device are you going to run Zwift on and i can help you more?

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Hi Stuart,

I am happy to hear a feedback from someone using this treadmill. This is really much valuable to me than some false review on the net.

As i were saiying that is some investment and i wanted to be sure this is a good choice, thanks for this!

I’ll have a look on the Treadmill Speed Transmiter app and i’ll tried to used it before buying RUNN or other stuff.

If this app do the job i’ll just stay with this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your comment and i’ll confirm my shipping of the T10 =)