Advice for a complete Zwift Run n00b

I’ve been using ‘cycling Zwift’ for a couple of years now and am reasonably au fait with it, even if I’m still slow and even more middle-aged than when I started (sadly it can’t turn back time - even Cher couldn’t do that).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve dipped my toe into Zwift Run and, despite not being much of a runner, am enjoying it.

My current running setup isn’t very good. I’m just using a Milestone pod with an ancient York Platinum T710 treadmill. The latter was probably fairly basic when we bought it and is about thirteen years old now. It’s positively antiquated by today’s standards. In fact, as it sat in a damp garage all that time, it’s quite impressive it still functions whatsoever.

Getting to the point, if I do get into Zwift Run, what treadmill(s) does anyone use and would you recommend them?

Showing my ignorance, are some treadmills smart/controllable with Zwift the way some turbo trainers/rollers are?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can and does help.

If you have some extra nuggets lying around, Woodway makes an amazing product

I just Googled ‘Woodway treadmill’ and had a look at the price. Eek!

Thanks for the suggestion but they’re well above my spending limit.

I use a Nordic Track treadmill. Mine is one of the commercial ones but the entire range seems to be really good value. Mine has certainly stood up to a lot of mileage between myself and the wife. Worth a look.

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Thanks Steve.

I ended up making a complete ‘on a whim’ purchase without investigating things thoroughly. Sure that never comes back to bite one squarely in the rump.