Zwift Features & improvements to consider

Hey everyone! Fairly new to the Zwift world, and I mainly use Zwift for running on treadmill! I noticed a couple of things that could be added or done as features that would significantly enhance the experience for some runners out there!

  1. I’ve looked through some forum posts on this already and went ahead and up voted, but wanted to touch on it once again. I use Stryd foot pod as well and mainly to get power data and also to get accurate distances and paces when running on treadmill. Currently, Zwift and Stryd don’t work too great together and that would be one thing that would be amazing if it showed up somewhere on the dashboard!

  2. The other thing is the connected apps that are offered and it’s a huge variety and is some amazing work! I was wondering if the team can keep expanding to include apps like “Final Surge” that I use for my training plans and get all my structured training workouts from there.

  3. last one I had was about the custom workout builder, and I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think it’s actually run by Zwift right? It looks like some open source tool someone made to assist to solve a problem. It’s so cool, I tried it for the first time today and loved it!! The only thing here is that I wish there was option to do both metric and imperial. The other thing was adding more paces at the top, or just having one more called custom would be great so we can make these workouts more accurately!

Thanks so much for the great platform and I love using it and thought I’d share some pain points and room for improvement that I’ve come across so far.

Cheers! Let me know if I’m missing something and if anyone has good solutions for any of these points mentioned! Appreciate it!