Zwift Run Needs to Add Milestone Data and more

I have been using the Milestone Pod and app for about a year. I have tried a few times to use Zwift, now that you purchased MP, but so far, it’s been a very underwhelming experience.

The Zwift app, layout, field labels, functionality etc. are so cycling-centric, it’s almost unusable. Even simple things, like when a run ends, the simple act of saying done and saving requires to many taps. Additionally, most of the verbiage is cycling-centric. Perhaps a different layout for runners.

The MilestonePod app had a tone of great stats, but I dont’t see any of them in Zwift, forcing me to use two (2) apps for the same thing. And if I use Zwift to upload to Strava, I would have to enter all those MP stats manually.

I can understand that running is relatively new to Zwift (and hence why it’s still “free”) for runners, but it needs significant improvements in order to be a viable runners tool. It would also be great to be able to put in a plan (manually) that we could follow. Even the existing workouts are confusing - You click to edit paces, but I’d like to know what paces the workout is going to use during the run, not my times for a 10K or 1/2 etc.

And what about an Apple Watch (Series 4 for me) as an HR monitor. I don’t need, nor wish to wear a chest strap when I already have the watch.

Thank you for the feedback! Any ideas for improvement are very welcomed especially from the running community. I’ve forwarded your post to our staff, thank you for all the details!

It’s not a big deal, but even the tagline of “ride on” describes how cycling oriented Zwift still is.


Jog on. :smiley:

That’s a big no!

Aww, I thought it was funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree that a few small changes would go a long way to make it feel like running is being taken seriously, rather than just tacked on as an afterthought. For example this page, which is supposed to be introducing the HUD to new runners had clearly just been copied and pasted from the equivalent page for cyclists. It would take no more than a couple of hours to re-word it.

Another example is the page to which new Zwift Pod owner are directed. It makes no mention of downloading the Milestone app in order to upgrade firmware, similarly, it makes no mention of calibration. I spent several hours yesterday trying to get it working. A little bit of information added to that page would go a long way towards improving the initial Zwift experience for new Pod owners.

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Agreed :slight_smile: It’s several little things that would help in terms of usability for runners. Since Zwift isn’t charging for runners yet, I’ll keep giving it a shot and hopefully they’ll improve things in the near future.

In my case, I have one Milestone Pod and one Zwift Pod. At present, I sync them both with MP and Zwift because the MP app stores more running metrics.

I bought the Footpods for myself and my wife based on Milestone App beings rebranded Zwift! Worst con ever. Seems they have discontinued all the stuff I wanted (stride information) and only provide info my Suunto already does - steps, cadence, distance… I wanted to use it outdoors and the Zwift app won’t even respond to get started - have tried 4 times and it’s only started once. On latest release and have both Zwift and Zwift Companion.

Anyone able to help me get an old Milestone App?

The Milestone Foot Pod was rebranded the ZwiftPod.
The Milestone App was NOT rebranded Zwift, they are 2 different apps.
Zwift is no longer supporting the Milestone app.
Zwift is designed to be used indoors and not for outdoor running/riding (you can so it though, but it uses more battery).
I am guessing you are having issues running the Zwift app because the ZwiftPod needs a firmware update, use this link to help you in that process:

Thanks Paul for a quick reply:

  • it says a firmware update will be automatically prompted when available.
    I’ve connected my pod but get no such prompt, hence doubt that can be the issue.
  • support chat said something about a known issue for footpod and running
  • you mentionned it could be used for run/ride. But so far I’ve been told it’s only for running (as it needs the ground contact thud for determining cadence). Has this changed?
  • outdoor usage: I find Zwift drains my iPhone battery in no time, even when I don’t get it to work just try… today I tried to get it activated with 20% left - dead in 3 min…
  • What known issue? A lot of people use the ZwiftPod for running on Zwift on all devices (PC, Mac, Android, ATV, iPad and iPhones)
  • I said Zwift can be used for Run/Ride, the ZwiftPod is just for running.
  • Zwift is for indoor running or riding and like I said it can be used outdoors but it will drain your battery. You can turn down the brightness and see if that helps.

What device are you trying to run Zwift on?

You can use the ZwiftPod with other running apps, but you would need to use Zwift to keep the firmware up-to-date.

Hi Paul,

I can connect the ZwiftPod

The I Dont get the ”Run” option. I press ”OK”
How should I start? I dont know what known big Zwift support alluded to.

After my workout there was no activity recorded - ie sofar only 1 after 5 attempts.

I use it on iPhone with latest App and iOS.

How long was the workout (in distance and time)?

Did you click on the wrench symbol?

If you want to “Just Run” clear the training plan.

Workout was 6 k / ca 3,8 Miles - 45 min

Have tried to push the Wrench button before, did so Find anything useful… what should I look for?

I’d love to just Run - I Will try to clear the training plan, thought it was a necessary component…

That run was not done in Zwift, to get it to show on Zwift you need to use the Zwift app.

If you want to use the Milestone Pod while running you can use other apps besides Zwift.

Within the wrench symbol you can calibrate the pod and check for firmware.

Hi Paul,
That is the issue: I’m not able to get the Zwift app started… the wrench guidance helped me.
Now it did Ask me for an update (to 4.0.52) - had not earlier prompter.
Did that. Next it Ask me to calibrate… I dont have a treadmill… what Do I Do next? I know I Ran 5 k at 27:45 recently and that was ca 4100 steps.

The Zwift App is meant to be used on a treadmill (just talking the running side here). Without a treadmill you cannot calibrate it within the Zwift app. The Zwift app is not designed to be used outside.

You can run in Zwift without calibrating, but it will not be accurate.

Do you plan on running on a treadmill or outside (or both)? If you are just going to be running outside I would suggest connecting the ZwiftPod to another running app and only using the Zwift App to keep the firmware updated.

Amazing - I got the ”Run” to the screen… because the ”Workout” and ”view entire plan” reacted for the first time!

I Will mainly be using it outdoors.
Is there anyplace where I could still Find the Milestone App ? I understand its no longer supporters but would be really keen on using it as is.

If not - what other app would you recommend?
Last year I ran/Walked 2020 Miles and aim to Do a minimum on 2021 this year.