Milestone App User Update

A letter from our CEO about the future of the Milestone app:

Hello MilestonePod app users,

As you probably know, Zwift teamed up with Milestone Sports and the MilestonePod technology just over a year ago. We did so to support our mission of getting more people, more active, more often. In short, the MilestonePod technology offered a low-cost and easy way to connect to the Zwift Run platform.

Over the past year, we’ve rebranded the MilestonePod as the Zwift RunPod and optimized the technology for the Zwift Run platform. We’re pleased to see so many runners using our Pod running in Watopia. As we continue to evolve our business, we’ve decided to focus our resources on the core Zwift run and cycling platforms—and the products that enable you to connect to both with ease.

To this end, Zwift will discontinue support and development of the Milestone app as of August 31, 2019. The app will continue to function as it does currently, but we will no longer dedicate resources to further development. Someday, it will no longer function as it does today. You’ll still be able to sync runs beyond this date, but given the ever-evolving technology landscape, we can’t possibly say how long that’s going to last. To be clear, this is the same inevitability whether you’re syncing a MilestonePod or Zwift RunPod to the Milestone app.

The MilestonePod and Zwift RunPod will continue to connect to the Zwift platform as they do today. If you currently use the MilestonePod or the Zwift RunPod to run on Zwift, rest assured you won’t have any issues related to this change. If you have not tried Zwift, we invite you to download the game and go for a run. Zwift Run is currently free and has proven to be an effective, fun, and social way to train. The game delivers training tools for runners of all levels that complement your outdoor training and an active community for support. You can learn more about running on Zwift here.

If you are interested in downloading your MilestonePod app run history you can do so by clicking on the Main Menu -> Settings-> Export Run Log to Excel. An email will be sent with a .csv file that contains summaries of every run you have synced to the MilestonePod app.

Thank you for your use of the Milestone app. We hope to see you on Zwift soon!

Eric Min

CEO, Zwift

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply here.

I have been using the Milestone Pod and app for the running form insights (cadence, ground contact time, footstrike, impact) for outdoor runs. Does the end of the Milestone app mean that I can no longer use the Milestone Pod for this purpose? I rarely run on a treadmill unless I’m traveling and don’t have my winter running gear, so Zwift has limited appeal for me.


Welcome, Dave,

From the post above:

Which is the short-term outlook.

Someday, it will no longer function as it does today.

Which is the long-term outlook. Basically, we can not guarantee the app will continue to work forever in its current state. Significant changes to the platform OS could conceivably break the app down the road and Zwift would not have the resources available to comply with OS changes or other app dependencies.

Can we have these functions of Milestone app on Zwift Run?
I don’t mind running Zwift app outdoor as long as I have the access to the data Milestone app provides.


I also enjoyed having access to the data that the milestone app provided. This was very helpful while running indoor on the treadmill with Zwift as well as outdoor during the summer as a training tool to help improve my running. I’m really going to miss this once it goes away.


Another vote for retaining the running dynamics - going to miss that or what about making the milestone app open source?


So when will Zwift ship internationally again so I can get the Zwift RunPod?

Does the Zwift app include the functionality of the Milestone App and, if not, will it be upgraded?

This is a shame. I also use my Milestone Pod completely independently of Zwift.

Assuming all the data such as ground contact time, foot strike etc. are still core competencies of the Zwift RunPod, could there be an option to sync this stuff with the Companion app instead?


Thanks Mike. I understood the original post, but you have reinforced my conclusion that it’s time to delete the Zwift app and put the Milestone Pods in the pile of no longer used electronics. It’s a shame, because it was a very useful product.


I’ve downloaded Zwift to my iPhone SE but the app is so poorly designed it’s not possible to read anything. So it’s completely useless.

Is anyone able to recommend an alternative device?

I agree with the others here. I have the Milestone Pod for the data it provides on my running. If the new app can’t continue to provide the information the pods become useless to me.

You can use Zwift with other bluetooth devices. Why was it necessary to buy Milestone Pod if you weren’t going to take advantage of what the pod/app did best?


Hello @Mike_ZHQ; three questions for you:

  1. What other apps can I use the same way I use the Milestone app now — i.e. I run without my phone and then sync the run to the app?
  2. How will firmware updates be delivered?
  3. Does the Zwift mobile app support all those advanced stats such as ground contact time etc.?

Best regards,

Will the Milestone Pod get any firmware updates? I guess maybe not and it’s defunct hardware now (or sometimes in the future) because if the Milestone app breaks how would we be able to apply changes?

So Zwift will abandon the support of any outdoor running? If you want to run outside use someone else’s platform?

I hope not, but I assume so.

Regarding Metrics

All the metrics will still be calculated and sent to the Milestone App until it dies a natural death.

For Zwift, we only display speed, cadence, and distance. We use the standard Bluetooth speed and cadence profile to send this information to Zwift so any other app that accepts this profile (Strava and Wahoo, for example) will also continue to be supported for collecting data from either Pod.

@Stacie_Doughty @Joonkyu_Han

So my pod is doomed to obsolescence following Zwift’s acquisition. Sad times.


So I assume firmware will be updated by Zwift. And any other app that read the standard BT protocol will work.

Hey @Gregg,

  1. There isn’t another app (that we’re aware of) with this functionality. Runpods are Bluetooth enabled, so the best outdoor feature would be to pair it with your Strava app via your phone. You will need to have your phone on you during your run.

  2. Firmware updates will be delivered via the Zwift app for Zwift app use. There won’t be updates for outdoor-related issues.

  3. The Zwift mobile app does not support the advanced stats the Milestone app contained, and there hasn’t been any talk about retaining the metrics for the Zwift app. At this time, we will only record speed, cadence, & distance.