Zwift running pod - Milestone

I just saw the new zwift running pod.
It looks like a re-branded Milestone and I am wondering if it is the same pod with a new brand (I understood Zwift bought the Milestone pod) and if it retains all the same features of the Milestone pod for outdoor running, especially the running metrics cadence, leg swing, foot strike, rate of impact, ground contact, stride length etc.

Does it introduce any new feature compared to the last Milestone pod version (I think it was version V3)?

Can it connect to the milestone app for showing and analyzing the metrics data, or a new app is available with access to the metrics?

I have read that the new zwift pod couldn’t connect to the Milestone app and you were supposed to provide a new version of the app… Is it working now or the update has still to happen?


The Pod cannot connect to the App just yet. There is suppose to be an update to the App in the next few days/weeks to allow us to pair it and most likely update the firmware.

I don’t think that is the case anymore, with the new update to the App the Zwift Pod is now supported.

Thanks for your answers. Any of you owns the zwift pod and can tell me the differences (if any) compared to the Milestone Pod (v3)?
They look identical, but not sure about the metrics for “standard” outdoor running (I would be interested to buy it for outdoor running, not for zwift, that’s why I am worried about compatibility with the standard milestone app for access to data).

Thanks Paul. I saw that the update was available a few hours my post!

It’s the same pod, with the “M” replaced with a “Z”.