Milestone Pod not displaying live data anymore (Zwift Running, iPad)

Two weeks ago suddenly the Milestone Pod stopped working with the Zwift App. The Milestone app still works and reports correct distance, but when I connect to Zwift on my iPad, it always shows 0 mph. This comes around the same timeframe as Zwift released the Zwift Pod so I’m wondering if it is related.

The Zwift app still correctly connects to the pod, it’s just not getting any data. I’ve seen in the iOS reviews some other people complaining about the exact same issue, so I don’t think I’m alone here. Was anyone able to solve the problem?

Zwift is fun, but if my pod stops working after only 5 zwift runs I am not going to attempt to buy another pod :frowning:

I’ve been also trying to connect the pod with my Android phone with the beta app, but it’s not seeing any bluetooth devices on Zwift Android (even when pod was still working). I’ve tried multiple phones too. I don’t expect much out of a beta app, but still would be nice if I don’t have to take my iPad to the YMCA everytime :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! Did this Milestone Footpod issue ever get resolved? I have this same issue! Responses are greatly appreciated.

Did you download and install the new firmware in your pod?

Installed new firmware this morning, updated the Zwift iPad app. This doesn’t fix the 0MPH issue where I a not moving. The new firmware did fix the app not detecting the pod on Android, but now on Android it’s not moving either. So improvement, but no success :frowning:

I’m having the same issue and sent a ticket today on Zwift branded runpod. iOS App/iPhoneX w/ no other devices connected I can’t get POD to recognize steps although it’s paired. MilestoneApp seems to be registering runs and I’ve updated to 4.0.25 firmware with latest Zwift app update from 2 days ago.

Have you all tried the trick of removing the battery for a minute or so and then putting it back in? It can also take a few seconds for the Avatar to start moving initially.

Yes. Tried battery pull/reset truck twice. May try again. Both symptoms of problem include 1) getting stuck on calibration screen after entering treadmill speed and “Next” — nothing happens and 2) starting a run without calibration and the Avatar just standing at start line.

I started having this exact problem with my Zwift branded runpod after downloading the milestone app and updating the firmware. The runpod now will not display live data to ANY of my fitness apps (Zwift, Wahoo, etc). They all report a speed of zero, despite being connected and showing a strong signal.

Milestone, however, continues to function properly, and the runs appear in my runlog as expected. I’ve done pretty much everything I can think of: restart phone, force close all other apps but zwift, connect and disconnect runpod, etc. But nothing seems to be fixing this issue.

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Mine got the update (4.0.25) right out of the box since instructions said to calibrate with Milestone app first, and never reported live speed. I could see it reporting live rpm in Strava, though. Removing and replacing the battery did the trick, until 2-days later, when I had to repeat the procedure for my next run.

So now I just always rip out the battery and put it back in before Zwifting. Kind of a pain - hoping next update improves things.

I have the same problem. My milestone is up to date. On the milestone app, I can sync pos running info, but on Strava or Wahoo app it does not work realtime anymore. It pairs but send no info. By the way I use an android smartphone (Samsung S8+). I hope it works again.