Milestone Pod not displaying live data anymore (Zwift Running, iPad)

(Andrei Pervychine) #1

Two weeks ago suddenly the Milestone Pod stopped working with the Zwift App. The Milestone app still works and reports correct distance, but when I connect to Zwift on my iPad, it always shows 0 mph. This comes around the same timeframe as Zwift released the Zwift Pod so I’m wondering if it is related.

The Zwift app still correctly connects to the pod, it’s just not getting any data. I’ve seen in the iOS reviews some other people complaining about the exact same issue, so I don’t think I’m alone here. Was anyone able to solve the problem?

Zwift is fun, but if my pod stops working after only 5 zwift runs I am not going to attempt to buy another pod :frowning:

I’ve been also trying to connect the pod with my Android phone with the beta app, but it’s not seeing any bluetooth devices on Zwift Android (even when pod was still working). I’ve tried multiple phones too. I don’t expect much out of a beta app, but still would be nice if I don’t have to take my iPad to the YMCA everytime :slight_smile:

(Winsome Sewell) #2

Hello everyone! Did this Milestone Footpod issue ever get resolved? I have this same issue! Responses are greatly appreciated.

(Mr E) #3

Did you download and install the new firmware in your pod?