Milestone Pod Stopped Working with Zwift

(Edwin) #1

I don’t use Zwift often for running but when I have it’s with Milestone Pod. Everything worked pretty seamlessly in the past- but today Zwift wasn’t detecting any movement via Milestone Pod. Tried updating Zwift and Milestone firmware but it didn’t resolve the issues. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(Paul) #2

Take out the battery and put it back in and if that doesn’t work try a new battery.

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(R.) #3

What Paul said. This happened to me, contacted Support, they said the same and it worked. Also, update the firmware on the pod.

(Mick) #4

I’ve found that to ‘run’ Zwift you need almost a full battery otherwise although the pod links to zwift once you start running nothing happens except your avatar starts doing stretching exercises. I seem to get about 6
or 7 30 mins run out of a battery before the power runs too low for zwift

(😺🐾) #5

Yeah, the MilestonePod’s battery level indicator is only for recording internally. When broadcasting Bluetooth to Zwift or a sports watch, it needs new batteries all the time.