Milestonepod won’t show up at all

Hi to all of you,

My name is Thomas and I just started Zwift running this month. For the most part I’ve been using the Zwift runn treadmill sensor on my treadmill but since I am on a business trip now I thought I am going to try out a runpod.
So I bought a used Milestonepod from a colleague of mine and I wanted to give it a try.
I couldn’t get a connection when he gave it to me to I thought that might be the battery and I would have to replace it.

So now I am abroad and I replaced the battery and I can’t get this thing to show up on Zwift.
I also searched for it under Bluetooth devices but neither the iPhone nor the iPad will find it.
I also tried the Zwift app on both with no luck.

When I tap the pod I can see the green led lighting up And my colleague assured me that this thing was working totally fine when he used it the last time 2 years ago.

Now I’ve read something about firmware updates and the Milestonepod app but since this isn’t available anymore I really don’t know what to do?!

This just might be just a Software / firmware incompatible but I can’t fix it. What do you guys think what should I do ?

Do I have to trash it?

All answers and suggest are appreciated

Earlier versions of the MilestonePod were released without any Bluetooth footpod support. If yours was never updated, then you’ll need to find someone with the app installed and hopefully the app can update the firmware.

Got it resolved today. I got my friends android phone which I used to sideload the milstonepod.apk onto which than gave me the ability to do the needed firmware upgrades.
Now the Milestonepod is getting picked up by the Zwift app running on my iPhone.
Finally I can log my runs on the hotel treadmill.