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Suddenly found that Zwift Run works on android (I have Oneplus 3T). Great experience.

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I have an S10, and thinking of buying an Polar run pod. Anyone know if these work together on Android?

I’ve been using Zwift Run for about 4 weeks now…at first just using it to train for a 10 mile I have this weekend, so just running on my own in the various locations. A couple weeks ago I started to sign up for run events…a few 5K’s, and a 10K. I really like how you can sign up for your own run pace using the A, B, C D designations…so you’re running with people in your range.

I also really like that it’s all saved online and I can use the Zwift Companion app to review all my previous runs, my best times, etc.

One thing I would like added is to have how you finished the race in regards to your placement. Now I know a lot of people are not feeling like it’s a competition or race…I’m often of that mindset. But I still think it would be super nice to be able to see how you finished in regards to the rest of pack to see how you trend over time.

Even though I wasn’t thinking of these 5K’s as competitive, I found myself running one today with 8 folks in my group (group D) and was leading the whole way…but near the last 3/4 of a mile, every one was picking up the pace…and it was clear this was a race to the finish! I love that aspect, as it pushes you…and ultimately today I was able to fend off 3 charging runners…so I felt pretty good about that and ended up beating my 5K best.
Anyway, it would be great to see that finish ranking in the companion app…even if it’s just private to me…it will be great historical data over time. I personally think it should show final rankings publicly…but others might get upset with that.


Great to hear! Out of curiosity, what run devices are you using on this platform?

Yep - we’ve tested the Polar pods so you should be good to go :slight_smile:

We also support these run devices HERE.

I used Adidas Bluetooth foot pod + Polar H7 + Treadmill in gym

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Zwift is an intricate part of my running hobby.

I run 80-90km per week. Depending on weather, season, time of day etc… up to 50% of that may be on Zwift.

For me… it has revolutionised my treadmill time.



Hi Josie… are there any plans in place add ‘power’ (as measured by the likes of the Stryd footpod) as an on screen metric? or even just something that Zwift records in the background?

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At this time and as you know, we don’t officially support Run Power. It’s something that we’ve heard buzz about, and I encourage adding a topic in this category :slight_smile:

You can record Run Power to the fit file by pairing the Stryd as a power meter under cycling before pairing as a speed sensor under run. It does not take into account changes in TM incline though.

First, estimate running VO2, calculated as follows:
Running VO2 = 0.2 x Speed + 0.9 x Speed x Grade + 3.5
(Speed units: meters/min)
Running mets is useful also…= Running VO2 / 3.5
This could only work on treadmills that can send speed and grade to Zwift
Cal / hour is Running Mets x Weight (Kg)
And Lastly… wait for it…
Estimated Watts = Running Mets x Weight (Kg) x 1.16222222.
All these are not absolutes, they are based exclusively on the treadmill, not based on the runner. As such, they ignore running mechanics (or, lack thereof), but are good to demonstrate relative changes.
I think it would be crazy-cool to display Stryd Watts as a fraction of estimated treadmill Watts. This could, possibly, give a step by step estimator of running efficiency.
Even more crazy-cool would be to generate a histogram displaying this running efficiency metric at each recorded cadence, Thereby, displaying in real time the most efficient cadence.
Or, heck, I’ll just take the original music back.

Agree with Zain
Love it.