Zwift run pod/iPhone Marathon nightmare

Hiya guys,
Just thought I would send this on the off chance it can be sorted, If not well … stuff happens lol. I ran the Clarendon off road Marathon today with a friend and thought I would try get a few badges on the running side of things.
I set up a meet on ‘Flat irons’ and hoped to get the Flat irons/100 miles/13.1 and 26.2 badges. Well we completed the run np even after my friend blowing a calf lol but the app just kept disconnecting or loosing the run pod etc etc.
Is it possible to get any of the badges, I tried to attach my Strava to show I completed it but I cant add a link so i added my Strava to my profile

Thank you for any help and no problems if its not possible :slight_smile:


I’m afraid your Zwift activity only cover 3.09 miles of activity. There is no way to validate that you completed the badges on Zwift so it’s unlikely you will be credited with them.

From experience I very much doubt that your phone battery would last long enough over a marathon distance without having powerbanks or something similar. Zwift tends to not work when minimized or running in the background either on a phone.

Hiya Stuart,

Thank you for responding mate, once again its always the community that keeps the board working. My iPhone is new and wasn’t minimising (it was set-up correctly) or shutting down it simply kept losing connection to the rubbish run pod. The problem is its hard to tell when its on your arm lol. All i had to do was re-pair it but that gets old real quick lol.
Its fine I was not expecting to get any help from zwift, running is not a focus for them is it lol?
I will try it again with a half marathon next weekend, might just need a new pod?

If it’s the Zwift pod then yes connection to that is notoriously flaky.

Most users have abandoned them for alternate options which for you is a Stryd but these are costly in comparison.

I’m still dubious about your battery lasting the full distance too. Be careful of screen burn on your phone. On my treadmill i have an old phone running the companion app and where certain characters don’t change they’re now burnt into the screen.

Admittedly this is after many many hours use but forewarned is forearmed as they say.

I really like the look of the stryd but like you say its costly. I was only collecting badges lol so no interest in spending that kind of money. Its a shame but to me that’s all zwift is for runners, badge collecting.

You can find Stryd second hand for less than half the price, and it will work better not only for Zwift but also if you use a garmin or something, to have correct pace. If you have limited GPS signal, it will show you a wrong pace, Stryd won’t ever. And you will have identical pace even when you’re on a treadmill!

Thanx Ludo, i am edging towards this and a treadmill thanx to Stuart as well :slight_smile: . I have a half marathon today and am trying the pod again lol … we will see!
Hoping the phone settings I was recommended will help keep the signal solid but hey its a lovely day for a run :slight_smile:

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Good luck already for the HM !!!

on your Garmin the Stryd should be issued as accelerometer and set to 100.0 otherwise it will overestimate a bit your pace. Choose ant+ with Garmin pairing.

On the phone, Bluetooth as normal. Then on your phone, I only know Android, but you need to check that no energy or battery saving settings are on, in Bluetooth and screen and Zwift app itself. Then you are good to go. It’s the same when I run on TM in a gym or hotel and I don’t have my computer. That’s how I connect the Stryd to my Garmin and ty Zwift at the same time to get double record of my runs. Keep on moving your feet to keep the Stryd alive before you start your actual running to avoid it to go in sleep mode…

Good run!! :grin::running_man::dash:

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Sadly there was no signal to even log into Zwift hahahaa … I did not even think about it beforehand. Well never mind lol, great run.

Oh no!!! Sad to read about no signal! But at least you enjoyed your run?? :grin:

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