Missing Badge from a run

Hiya guys,
I ran ‘splash and dash’ today but don’t have the badge allocated to me in Zwift. You can see the run and badge being awarded in the companion app. Any chance someone can add it for me please.
Made an additional post in the running category 3 days ago about a marathon/connection issue, so an official answer to this would be great too?

zwift-run-pod-iphone-marathon-nightmare (won’t let me add a link)

As you can imagine re-doing the marathon with Zwift again would be like asking for another kick in the ‘ride ons’ as the first was not hard enough…
cheers in advance :slight_smile:

Have you checked after logging in again?

Sometimes they don’t appear until next login.

Was this completed on an outside run using a foot pod?

Hiya mate,
Yes I checked later and this morning still no badge. Yes it was on the good old Zwift run pod again lol. I would actually buy a treadmill if they decided to advertise incline and speed etc. I am always looking at them but not quite worth the money… maybe this winter lol.
Thank you for trying to help Stuart, in 4 days your the only one who has.
Do you think I should have put this in bugs and support? maybe that’s why no Zwift input? I am not great with this forum thing lol

@James_Zwift can you help with this? Thanks in advance.

Mick, have you read my posts in the running section about an app called qz Domyos that can read the speed from your treadmill and can also adjust the incline according to what Zwift is reporting?

I’ve been using it for a long time and is great.

Hiya Stuart,
Just read them and it does look interesting. I was looking at the JTX Club: Pro Treadmill as it advertises itself as a good fit for Zwift. I may just make the break and get one, lots of people like the Bowflex 56 it seems? What are you using atm?

Hi Mick,

You should have the badge now.

Thanks @James_Zwift


I use a NordicTrack T10.0

It’s a good value treadmill with a decent specification.
However the customer support leaves a lot to be desired. They respond quickly but there is next to no parts readily available. I’ve had two failures in 2 years leading to a total of 3 months waiting.
The original died after 8 months.
They replaced this eventually but the replacement arrived broken and was replaced.
The 3rd lasted 6 months before dying. They fixed this after 3 months.
The running deck broke on this one 2 months ago and after 6 weeks they’ve just replaced it as they can’t get a running deck.

Fair play they’ve extended the warranty to cover the 3 months but the failure rate combined with slow repair means I’ll not go there again.

There are plenty of options out there. JTX & Bowflex good options.
Noblepro are another option.

It’s my specialist subject so any further help I’m here.

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