No reward/badges?


I completed my first 2 weeks of running on Zwift. Doing the first training program.

Nothing showed up at the end except the workout recap. I was suprised, it was my first program finished and I expected something a bit more “cheerful” and a badge maybe? But no nothing, no additional XP. Is that normal?

Also to the development team, when in recovery part of the workout, there’s always around 50meters at the end a drop of 0.5km/h, by the time my tired brain tells the treadmill to slow, my treadmill slows down and the Runn or Stryd realise I have slowed down, I’m through the finish line, and ■■■■ me, I don’t get the final star because I haven’t “respected” the speed


I’m afraid your reward is only the satisfaction of completing the program along with the improved fitness. Running is in beta so it’s developing. There a a few badges available and only a few set courses.

Most of the workouts I have done have a much longer cool down period than you describe that progressively slows. I’ve not known one where it’s only 50 metres.

thanks for the reply.
I’ve jumped on the 3 13.1 workout so definitely longer cool down but on short runs, I noticed short cool downs screw up your stars. Just a small detail tho :wink: