Missing surf badge / run pod woes

Hiya guys,
I ran ‘splash and dash’ today but don’t have the badge allocated to me in Zwift. You can see the run and badge being awarded in the companion app. Any chance someone can add it for me please.
Made an additional post in the running category 3 days ago about a marathon/connection issue, so an official answer to this would be great too?

zwift-run-pod-iphone-marathon-nightmare (won’t let me add a link)

As you can imagine re-doing the marathon with Zwift again would be like asking for another kick in the ‘ride ons’ as the first was not hard enough…
cheers in advance :slight_smile:
Please delete the post in general and running if you can, i am hoping i may get some Zwift help here.

Hi Mick,

I’ve added the badge to your account.

Thank you @James_Zwift James, sorted :slight_smile: I assume like stuart said you can’t help on the marathon issue?

Drop me a message with a screenshot of your Strava activity.

i dont know how to send direct to you lol i am old
I have added it to my profile just click my picture lol
and thank you for looking

Drop me an email Mick :slight_smile:


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