Hi all.
I’m going to the dark side from cycling and purchased the runpod from zwift to start running as well on the treadmill. Has anyone any idea how long the battery lasts. I’ve bought a pack ready to go. 3weeks in and still going…

Can’t speak to the Zwift (formerly Milestone) run pod but Garmin pods go 6-12 months on a battery…they have exceedingly low power requirements, much like chest strap HRMs.

Hey CJ.
Thanks for the info. That sounds more like it. I watched a guy on YouTube that runs, said he changed his battery every time he runs😳. He must have shares in the company!

I hope your experience of the Run pod is better than most.

Hi Stuart
So far the pod has been working really well. Only one drop out that lasted 10 seconds. Have to admit, it’s not that accurate as pods go, only get wot you pay for.

Calibrate it in game but generally it will be inaccurate at various speeds, if you only run one pace it may be ok.

Hi Stuart.
Yea I’ve calibrated it twice in game. Made me slower first time and second time was about in tune with the treadmill. Can’t complain for £40.