Treadmill Connected via BT but showing 0kph

I’m currently trying to connect my treadmill (DKN Endurun) to Zwift and i can spot it as ‘i-console+0021’ in both Android and Apple TV. Unfortunately for both, the speed just records as 0kph so the avatar doesn’t move. I’ve tried to pair when the treadmill is running but no difference. I saw some articles suggesting the treadmill was compatible (including the DKN website) - is this something that can be easily fixed?

I can’t find anything that says it’s compatible with Zwift.

Works with Kinomap but not Zwift.

You’ll possibly be able to make it compatible using the QZ Domyos app. This can interpret the Bluetooth signal from your treadmill and sends it to Zwift.

The creator Roberto will work with you to get it working.

Thanks, i’m giving that a go at the moment on the Beta as the treadmill wasn’t in the current list. Fingers crossed and thanks for the tip

My pleasure, I’m sure you’ll get it working. Roberto works tirelessly on these things and if you’re really lucky you’ll be able to enable auto incline too.