Auto Incline On Treadmills - Fully Working


I’m a regular on here and am in no way affiliated to Zwift or the app I’m about to tell you about.
I’m involved by being one of the many users that wanted my BT enabled treadmill to talk to Zwift.
It’s evolved from there.

The app is called QZ-Domyos and is written by a talented coder called Roberto. It’s available on IOS and Android and works when Zwift is run on Windows with BT.

I’ve been testing QZ over the last month and can now confirm there is a way to get auto incline working 100% of the time.

To start your treadmill must be BT enabled and link to a 3rd party app which can control the treadmill. I will use the example of my NordicTrack treadmill and Ifit. The app is able to read the data Ifit sends to the treadmill to adjust incline and the Roberto can use this to tell Zwift to do the same.
If your treadmill is not one of the many models now already working Roberto can guide you through how to capture this data and send it him.
He worked tirelessly with me to do this, replying almost instantly. Eventually we were able to get it working but not 100% of the time and not in a simple way

However that is now overcome. You have to do a little pairing trick in Zwift to get it working but I can get it going 100% of the time now.

This feature has been requested many times and is now available.

The app has many other useful features. For example you can use the treadmill as a bike in Zwift so as you run it converts your speed into Watts and you can cycle.

The app costs very little in reality. Roberto will guide you through everything. You need to sign up to the Beta program to get the updates. Roberto will modify the app and it’s usually available after an hour to download.

I will also try to answer as many questions as possible having extensively tested the app for some time.

QZ-DOMYOS. Download it now for the fully immersive experience.

If this is real, this will be amazing!

100% Tim.

I’ve made a video of it working which I think Roberto has put on the Facebook page for QZ.

What treadmill do you have? Chances are the app may already work with your model.
It’s a great thing to have working, makes you work so much harder on a run.

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Life Fitness T3…

Wahoo app works with it!!

Also, can you post a link to the video as I’m not on FB.

I’ll see if I can upload it as I’m also a non social media person.
If the Wahoo app controls the incline on your treadmill then the QZ app should work.
We will need you to do a short run on your treadmill with the Wahoo app running. Using your phone/tablet we can capture the BT signals from the app to the treadmill and then replicate these in Zwift. Sounds complicated but it’s actually quite simple.

What’s the wahoo app. Only see wahoo fitness app. But nothing evident on how to connect to a treadmill. Only to bike trainers and wahoo’s sensors.

The wahoo fitness app connects to the Life Fitness domestic treadmills!

This is video of it working. It’s a bit naff quality as it was during testing that I recorded it. I’ll make a better video in the next couple of days.

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Great work!! I am not on Windows unfortunately, but would pay for having this as a feature natively in Zwift.

Can you connect Stryd etc?

You can connect Stryd to Zwift as normal if you wanted to record cadence. Not as a speed device as that is obviously coming from the treadmill.