Auto Incline On Treadmills - Fully Working


You run the app on a seperate device to that on which you run Zwift. The treadmill sends days to this app which then sends it to Zwift.
So in your case the app acts as a bridge between treadmill and Zwift

Please, do keep us posted on any progress here. Considering getting a MyRun too and really craving for the auto-incline.

According to the GitHub repo activity, the MyRun support has been improved 6 days ago. Really curious who’s using it for auto-incline, so I can beg for videos.

Hi as an update we have been trying to get it working and Roberto is a top guy. Hit a bit of blocker in that the myrun wants a nack with any app before being allowed to be controlled. It appears to do this before you switch on the tread. I need to try and get it running on an android device to initiate a Bluetooth capture but can’t get the live app running on my wife’s phone.

Will try and have a look later this week. The app issues isn’t Roberto’s app but the Technogym app itself. It’s a bad on android.

The myrun does do full incline and speed adjustments automatically using workouts through the live app and to be honest I love the tread, don’t let this put you off getting one it’s great.

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If you join the QZ facebook page you should see a video I created showing the auto incline working.

It’s a poor video I admit.

I’m due to do another one that’s better quality. My treadmill died though so I’ve had to wait for a replacement.

If you have android you could help us! Comment it on GitHub

With Aptoide, you can force install the app on any Android phone. I could do that, as I don’t own a tablet, but I lack the treadmill :pleading_face:

For all users on Technogym Myruns.

Roberto has cracked the code and can now offer auto incline for those using one.


for now, only on android, but i guess i should be able to do also on iOS


Just ordered the treadmill and I’m wondering if Zwift must be running on the same device as your app? Nevermind, the Github repo does show it’s all over Bluetooth so it isn’t needed for both apps to be running on the same machine.

I’ll buy the app on Android store and use an old phone as the bridge. Thanks a lot for your work, Roberto!

Does this work on a Sole TT8 treadmill?

Open a ticket on the GitHub page of qz and I will help you

Thanks, looks like someone beat me to it, but happy to beta test or give you another attribute set

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Life is getting in my way at the moment of getting on the tread but can confirm the new app that Roberto has created does control the myrun tread no issues at all. I am also on iOS. Hoping to test zwift over the next couple of days but don’t see any reason why this won’t work give his tool is already controlling the treadmill.

Have to say as well that Roberto is a top guy and never gave up when trying to get this working. Such a pleasure working with him!

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Jack, glad you’ve got it sorted.

Roberto is indeed a talented chap and for me and many others has revolutionised the Zwift experience.

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Agree that Roberto is the MAN. See link below for my first attempt at testing on IOS. My intention here is to attempt to aide Roberta in creating a refined product.

Myrun/QZ IOS test.

I have run it a couple of times and seems to be working, haven’t connected it to zwift yet will do tomorrow

Bob, I like you man, but you have to understand that 3 days ago you haven’t any auto inclination on your treadmill:)

Of course I have to improve the experience, but think at all my effort that I’m putting on this without having your treadmill!

I need some support from the users, I understand that you want a perfect experience but remember that I’m alone and I’m helping hundreds of people each day.

Sorry but I have to say this.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. I realize how hard you work. Again, my intention was to inform zwifters and not to offend anybody.

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Roberto - thank you for taking the time with this app, to be honest it costs pennies and I don’t care if your app doesn’t pause and start the tread. Can do that direct on the tread anyway right?

Wished my developers that I manage on projects at work were half as helpful as you I tell you!

Top man and keep helping the community… hopefully someone from zwift see what you are doing and gets you in to help them.