Treadmill horizon

Which model of horizon treadmill is zwift supported?

I have Horizon Omega Z and though it does get connected to zwift app (along with my Polar H7 chest strap) it does not transmit speed (heart rate is transmitted only from H7). Any thoughts?

Any luck with the connection? The manual suggests that Zwift is compatible (v1.1D).

Well, actually yes, after a few failed connection attempts it just worked, without me doing anything different and it never stopped since. I therefore confirm that Horizon Omega Z can connect to Zwift and work properly. Sorry for not reporting sooner.

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Hello everyone.
I confirm the connection of the omega z with zwift since my first run on It. It connect via bt to zwift for the speed and time. For the FC on zwift i use my sportwatch with its fc to see the Hr on zwift. Gope ti be’ helpfull to someone.

Hello, I have the newer HORIZON 7.8 AT (late 2020), and it connects and works flawlessly with Zwift. No fuss, easy setup and the speed seems super accurate (all things considered). As this treadmill is compatible with Kinomap and there is INCLINE control on that plateform, I truly hopes ZWIFT RUNNING will provide this, so we can have a more realistic experience. In the mean time, I will try connecting through RUNCLINE to see if Zwift will control the incline automatically.