Incline control... WHEN?

Hello, I have the newer HORIZON 7.8 AT (late 2020), and it connects and works flawlessly with Zwift.
No fuss, very easy setup and the speed seems super accurate (all things considered). As this treadmill is compatible with Kinomap and there is INCLINE control on THAT plateform (it’s really much much more satisfying to be following a route without having to think about adjusting the slope), I truly hope ZWIFT RUNNING will provide this, so we can have a more realistic experience much like cyclists who have been on fully interactive trainers for a long time, the era of the fully interactive treadmill is here: who would not want this?

What stops Zwift from offering this possibility, the FTMS technology is here now!

In the mean time, I will try connecting through RUNCLINE to see if Zwift will control the incline automatically.

I wouldn’t hold your breath. There’s no standard protocol for this so it needs some sort of industry standardisation.

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Agreed, it would be so much nice to run an include without having to watch out for it on the screen and manually adjust!!

They won’t even address the Wahoo Climb for workouts, which has been on the market for a few years now and was pretty much created for Zwifting, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.