Horizon Paragon X - Compatible with Zwift?

Hi all,

Is anyone actively using the Horizon Paragon X with Zwift?

Does it “just work” out of the box?

Many thanks in advance.

I’ve got the horizon omega z and since it’s Bluetooth it works automatically out of the box with zwift. Should be the same as the paragon model as I believe the use the same coding etc.

If it doesn’t end up working, you can get an app called runcline. The paragon will connect to the app and the app sends the speed to zwift. I do recommend runcline they do have cool other features like incline controlled by zwift etc.

runcline. shoutwiki. com/wiki/Main_Page

But yeah give it a go. Either way you’ll be able to somehow connect it to zwift!

Thanks Mikel.

Treadmill arrived and I’ve only had five minutes to play with it - I’ve been able to pair with Zwift as a power source in Zwift, but my avatar just stood around doing nothing while I was jogging away, so I guess I’m still missing a piece of the puzzle.

I checked out RunCline, thanks for the tip. Looks like the Paragon X isn’t yet supported, so I might see if I can gather the required bluetooth info and mail the developer.

Yeah it might be a issue for the first couple runs. Happened to me too where it wouldn’t send the speed. But after a couple of run try’s it’s ended up workin

But I use runcline low just because of the feature it’s has

Yeah he would love the data. I was going to get the paragon and I was in contact with him about giving him data. But ended up going with the omega.
From what I remember it should work but not the auto incline

Good luck!

I own this treadmill, and have got it to work with Zwift. Also if you use the incline on the treadmill, it is passed to zwift, and this Elevation data is also shared to strava.

The treadmill isn’t controlled by zwift, so you need to manually change everything on it (eg speed & incline)

Now I have noticed a couple of weird issues.

If I turn the treadmill on, and zwift opens up having been previously paired to my bike. If I change it to run, zwift will connect to my treadmill (The treadmill Bluetooth connection lights up and beeps once) Then my treadmill will count down 3,2,1 and start moving at 0.8km. Do this for a couple seconds, and pause. Somehow its connected, but its not connected and zwift will not do anything.

To fix this, I have to close zwift. Then make sure my treadmill is no longer connected via Bluetooth, Then open up zwift again (this time its defaulted to Run) And now when I select the treadmill it is fine.

From here I am able to hit “Go” on the treadmill, and the speed is transmitted directly to zwift.

This is a small pain in the butt, but now I know what is going on, I just have to do this little song and dance every time I change from the bike to run.

This treadmill is great, I’ve done a bunch of “hills” at 15%, and for a full 1km that’s 150m of elevation.
Also the fact you can change the “bounce” in the treadmill is great too. I find myself running on “2”

There isn’t much more info you can find on this model, and most videos are not in English.

Thanks Mark, that’s reassuring to hear - I’ll give your song and dance a go tomorrow!

As an aside, have you had any luck with RunCline and Paragon X?

It’s nice to hear that someone else owns this treadmill - it seems that manufacturer support is effectively non-existent and as you say, looking for reviews and the like on YouTube, there are basically none. Consumer protection in Australia is great, however, so I’m not worried about having no recourse if the thing breaks down.

I admit I chose the treadmill for its simplicity and clean design - so long as the belt moves, I’m good, but I’m bumping up against some very basic “annoyances” - there seems to be no way to cancel out of a program short of turning the treadmill off and on again, you can’t add time to a workout once you’ve started, and I’d love to be able to silence the beeps and bleeps. BUT, the running surface is large, it feels really sturdy, the 15 percent incline is great and, yeah, it LOOKS nice in the room :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll circle back if I have some Zwift success!

I have not had the need to use RunCline, as I am able to get this treadmill able to connect directly to zwift.

I’ve also found it much easier to connect via an Android tablet. But my main issues are connecting via the PC if I’ve been on the bike.

I’ve clocked up over 100km in zwift on this, so you should be able to get it to work. I might try to make a video about it. As you’ve noticed there isn’t much to be found on this model out there.

Does the treadmill change incline automaticly when you run uphill at Zwift???

As standard no but by using the qz Domyos app you can achieve this.

Thanks for quick answer…