Horizon GR7 wrong cadence / power

Hello all,

i got a Horizon GR7 exercise bike that has BLE connectivity and is listed AS compatible with Zwift.
Connecting the Sensors to Zwift is possible in general indeed, but the cadence is totally wrong (1/10 of the correct value, e.g. 7 instead of 70 Rpm) and the power also always is between 300 and 450 watts.

People were discussing this issue in an older post here, yet didnt conclude if there is and chance for a workaround. I would love to start zwifting, but without the correct measurement it takes away the whole fun.

Does anybody know what could help?

I used the Android App of Zwift during testing.

Thanks in advance!

PS: In parallel, I contacted the company behind Horizon Fitness to see if there is any hope for an upcoming Firmware update of the Sensors, but I do not expect a positive reply.

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