Horizon CR7 slow after Zwift new app

Have been using my Hotizon CR7 Indoor Cycle on Zwift for about 1500kms now and after the recent update, it has become significantly slow. I’m now averaging half my normal pace when checking segments on Strava, I struggle to cover half the distance on rides I use to do with the same time.

Any idea what could be the cause?

Would it be the Horizon GR7, not CR7?

There’s a troubleshooting thread here: Horizon GR7 troubleshoting - #46 by Romano_Studer_Jarasp

From what I’m gathering, the bike doesn’t actually measure power. Rather, whatever data it generates/collects is processed by an app on their tablet which is then forwarded via Bluetooth to other apps like Kinomap and Zwift.

The problem with that approach (instead of measuring power directly and broadcasting using a standard ANT+FEC or BLE-FTMS protocol) is its highly dependent on the intermediate software working perfectly. Unfortunately, it seems like Horizon hasn’t stayed on top of maintaining their software.

In the above-linked thread, it was mentioned you could use the qzdomyos app which is a tool some people use on a smartphone to connect incompatible fitness equipment (ellipticals, spin bikes) to Zwift.

While the GR7 was on the supported device list, until/unless Horizon fixes their app, you’ll have to look for other solutions.

Thank you for the replay. It is indeed Horizon GR7.
Zwift is able to pick it up as a power source, cadence, and “controllable” without external apps, just a Bluetooth connection. I never used the Horizon App at all. It has been working perfectly for 1300kms, a mate of mine has the same GR7 bought at the same time and his is still working perfectly. Mine suddenly changed after the recent Zwift update with a different home screen. I use Zwift on a Windows 11 laptop with no additional apps.

I’ll have a look at the thread.

Thank you.

OK, one thing: is the GR7 “controllable?” By that I mean does it automatically adjust resistance as you go up a hill in Zwift? If not, I’d UN-pair it as “Controllable” and only pair as a power-source.

On your last point: the recent Zwift update has resulted in a LOT of people with connection problems - myself included. (AppleTV and Windows 11 PC here)

I’d suggest a complete app uninstall, find the file folder(s) left behind and delete them too, then do a fresh install.