Zwift don't find my Horizon Gr7 Bluetooth

Hy people! I’ve just set up my new Horizon Gr7 and wanted to contect it with Zwift but no way to find the bluetooth bike.Can somebody help me? Maybe i made something wrong, or can the bluetooth bike be broken? Need some help people, than you

You may need to use the QZ app as a bridge. @Roberto_Viola is the developer and can provide support on his GitHub page.

This bike is not particularly good for use with Zwift since it doesn’t have a way to correctly measure power. Prior discussion about it here:

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in case you need help with qz, i’m here !

I’ve read already all, nothing,about bluetooth conection, everybody can conect the bike via bluetooth, i didn’t find nothing about how to connect bike via bluetooth, i just enter the app, start padling and then tap to search for source but nothing found…

Thx, i already try with your app and same, nothing found :roll_eyes:

Sounds like you need to speak to the dealer or manufacturer

what do you mean? qz can’t find your device? do you see it from nrfconnect app? it’s free on the store

I mean i already installed your app and didn’t find the bluetooth bike…

ok did you check with the nrfconnect app if you can see your bike?

I’ve just try with nrf and same… No Horizon Gr7 found… :disappointed:

so it’s for sure an hardware issue. contact the manufacturer

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Hi! I finnaly managed to connect with Zwift, thank you! :pray:

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Glad to hear it!

I can’t conect the Horizon Console this lcd display from horizon with my Horizon gr7 bike…

I thought you said you managed to connect with zwift. Which is the issue now?

I’ve connected the bike with swift and work ok but i have a console from horizon and this doesn’t connect with bike but i guess this is of topic…

yeah i guess it can’t work