Zwift Hub - Wrong Cadence

My new Zwift Hub works great, with the exception of cadence. It’s sending a signal to my PC, but the reported cadence is way too low - usually 20-65 rpm. Is there some way to calibrate the way cadence is measured?

I’ve seen other people post similar, I think if you can pick up a cheap cadence sensor that might be your best bet

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That crossed my mind, but I’d really prefer that the trainer sent the data it’s supposed to send. Surely, there is either a remedy or the trainer is faulty.

Trainer cadence readings are always a bit iffy, they have to kind of guess your cadence based on spikes in the power you put in. it might be able to get more accurate with a firmware update but who knows.

Raise a ticket with zwift and see what they say but they might replace it just for the same thing to happen. a cadence sensor can be picked up pretty cheap and will fix the problem.