Zwift Hub Cadence Issues

When I use the Zwift hub cadence function, when shifting, I lose 25-40 RPM immediately, even when I purposely increase my cadence to compensate. The issue seems to decrease over the course of a session, but it is particularly annoying when climbing. Downshifting costs a significant amount of RPM and speed. Is anyone else dealing with this?

RPMs do nothing to impact speed in Zwift. Your speed is only affected by power.

I’ve seen a few posts about it on the Hub, estimating cadence is never perfect on smart trainers, but some do it better than others. My Kickr seems pretty spot on, but sometimes the avatar is showing 100+ cadence when I’m not anywhere close to that (usually when the flywheel is spinning very fast and I’m on a downhill section in Zwift).

FYI, the cadence reading doesn’t matter in Zwift, it doesn’t effect your power, just a visual thing.

If you want accurate cadence measurements, you need a cadence sensor that knows about every pedal revolution. They are quite cheap.

Thanks. I have one I use riding outside. I’d prefer to ensure I have the Hub working as accurately as possible. I did pay for the whole package after all.