Avatar with high cadence

My avatar is zwifting at a very high cadence since the update. 170 to 200 rpm Does any one have this similar problem? Is there a way of fixing this problem?

Hi @Joe_Schiavo, can you give us more detail about your setup. What trainer are you using, sensors, devices to run zwift, etc…

I’m on windows 10, connecting with ANT+ to a Kickr Core that uses the internal cadence estimation and haven’t noticed any issues since the update. One bug that I assume is the Kickr’s fault is that on downhills when I get the flywheel cranking the cadence is way over estimated and will hit 120 when I’m maybe doing 90 or so. As soon as I hit the flat road and the flywheel slows, things go back to normal.

windows 10 and ant + kicker snap i always calibrate the snap before entering zwift the 2 rides i did since the update were almost totally flat/

The snap doesn’t have cadence sensors built in, so what are you using to measure cadence?

sensor on the back wheel. my Garmin that i use shows normal cadence fr the sensor 80 to roughly 105 rpm. I don’t think it is the sensor

Hmmm, could be some signal interference, have you tried without the Garmin head unit being paired? Maybe that is throwing it off?

No I never had a problem before the update I am going to zwift soon. I did zwift yesterday and as a matter of fact my garmin locked on me before the zwift ride and so i could not use it-- my avatar cadence was still extremely high

If you aren’t using a cadence sensor mounted on your crankset, then the trainer and Zwift are GUESSING at your crank speed. The only way to have an accurate cadence shown is with a real sensor. As is usually the case for Zwift, a guess is usually comically wrong.


When’s the last time you changed the battery on your cadence sensor?