Beta Feedback 2/1/15

Since my invitation to test Zwift I have notice that the feet climbed during my ride does not match what is posted on my dashboard.

My avatar rarely stands up. Everyone else is standing up. Even I am standing going up the climbs but avatar is not. Not a big thing for me just odd.

Results still do not automatically transfer to Strava but know this is being looked into.

Item seen since the last update.

Passing riders is much smoother

New issue with RMP’s. RPM’s are not matching what I am seeing on Computrainer. Sorry but I do not pedal 115 RPM’s. Has anyone else seen this?

Riders off the road in the grass. Is there a button that allows them to stop and take a nature break?

It does appear that more riders when paused or stopped seem to be by the side of the road.

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience with Zwift, but I think it is time to add another route. At some point this will need to be tested.

Unless it’s been changed, the avatar getting out of the saddle is a function of cadence. When you’re climbing (not sure about on the flats, but I don’t think it does) and your cadence drops below I think 70 RPM your avatar should stand. I haven’t tried it in a while so it’s possible it’s been changed.

Regarding item 3, according to what the Zwift folks have said in the past that’s likely related to the rider your seeing having a really low frame rate on his/her end. It causes weird artifacts.

after update on 1/29/15 my rpm don,t match I also ride computrainer

I also confirm that the 1/29 update created some error in the cadence on the CompuTrainer. The screen display seems somewhere between 5 to 15 revolutions higher. I confirm this by looking at the display on the CT head unit while riding the steady flat section.

I’m having same cadence issue with my Computrainer. Controller reads correctly while Zwift reads much higher. This is a new issue starting today.