Standing - Sitting RPM Tweak

Recent update appears to have changed the avatar sitting/standing animation to trigger at 80 rpm on 3% or higher grade. On all but the Tron bike, the rider is up and down, often in a glitchty way, and it can become annoying on longer climbs. GPLama mentioned his frustration with it. I figured there would be a tweak request on this forum but haven’t found one. So I’m starting one.

I contacted Zwift HQ and they said I was the first to mention it to them.

Would love to see that number go back down to it’s previous value which was… 68 rpm? Something like that?

Anyone else?

Simon complained about this on the Zwift cast podcast recently too. Just try and go 79 rmp standing up on a climb IRL, it can’t be realistic. Not sure why the developers made this change?

Yes Simon was not happy. I never noticed it because I only ride the TRON, but a week ago I took a light weight bike with light weight wheels up the alpe, and now I understand how bad it is.

Mike pointed this out in September.

Maybe it is from this post.

And I thought it was because of my new trainer… :joy:

Yes, my Avatar also sometimes: sitting, standing, sitting, standing… every second, although my cadece is around 80. It’s annoying. Change it back to 60 (I think last winter it was 60?)

It would be really nice if we were allowed to enter an optimal cadence. On the trainer it’s in the low 90’s. Once a cadence is entered Zwift could easily do a calculation, let’s say a 25% slower (and 200% of your FTP) than your optimal entered value makes the rider stand.

Ex: optimal rpm - 100, ftp - 300, when cadence drops below 75 or watts go above 600, the rider is out of the saddle.

Yeah, for someone whose average cadence IRL is high-70s (I’m a grinder, not a spinner), the change meant my avatar is standing on virtually every climb, even ones that are barely a glorified slope!

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