Avatar cadence standing v seated (rpm)

What about a slider bar in the menu to change the rpm at which the rider stand.

Most people seem to pedal slower standing so could work, as even at my slowest comfortable standing cadence my avatar is still sitting. (70rpm)

would make my standing hill climbs feel more realistic.


Andrew its not just cadence dependent, it is based on some power to cadence algorithm.

It is fairly representative if your are consistent with cadence to power.

Thanks - just me then

Consistence isn’t my strong point, being an ex mtb’er probably don’t follow the bigger watts uphill then easy downhill mind set.

plus been doing lots of workouts - 12week ftp, so probably no pattern their either.

perhaps with the new mountain roads soon to be opened, it might be better.("_")

When I stand it is usually in the high 70s to low 80s. I would like a feature in my profile set up that I could tell me/my rider to stand at say 78 cadence. I never get to 70 or below on Zwift or real world.

I agree the avatar algorithm could use some user tweaking. For me it does not work well. I have a cadence between 65 and 80 when I stand and zwift tend to use 70 as the threshold. It does not work well for me. When standing I do not necessarily produce more power, I use it to work with different muscles. Zwift does not pick-up when I transition between seated and standing.  In my case a threshold set a a cadence of 75 would do a much better job. A simple slider called “standing sensitivity” would be enough. It is kind of annoying that the avatar really does not follow my moves. 

Martin, shifting along on a Tacx Neo

Been a while since this was floated

now with the kickr climb might be time to revisit it?

(my standing cadence is still to quick for the programme to pick up and it just produces disengagement when my avatar is still seated)