Cadence Adjustment While Climbing

I have a naturally slow cadence and it’s a little frustrating that my avatar is almost always standing when I am seated. Wish there was a way to adjust climbing cadence to match real world riding.

I think it’s set to under 70 RPM once the gradient is above a certain level.

I think he’s asking for a slider in settings that sets the cadence at which the avatar stands up

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m asking for!

it annoys me too but if you unlock the tron you’re always seated in that. so i just always use the tron

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I didn’t know that, will have to take mine out for a spin. But I’m sure the engineers at Zwift can incorporate an adjustable cadence into the program.

I think it also takes into account your FTP (if power is a % above FTP when climbing). Maybe your FTP is set too low?

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If FTP is set too low then the avatar goes into sprint mode when the threshold is exceeded which is quite different visually…

Year(s) ago when the standing animation was updated there was a quick suggestion that there be a box to input your preferred RPM along with your FTP. I think that suggestion has been lost to the annals of Zwift history.

Per ZwiftInsider August 2, 2021 Your avatar will stand when:

  • You are putting out more than double your FTP watts
  • If you’re on an incline over 3% with a cadence below 70, but over 30

Perhaps it’s time to reopen lost annals.

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The FTP threshold looks about right for the sprint posture, but agree that as low cadence rider myself (particularly in longer distance events), setting that a bit lower would be nice feature.