Make the avatar stand up/sit down transition a bit less abrupt at 70 rpm

I tend to climb right around 70 rpm and my avatar is up and down like he’s got saddle sores. A little variation would make the animation more realistic and less annoying. It might be better, for example, there was about a +/- 7 rpm hysteresis around 70 rpm.

I believe the threshold is 65rpm for the standing animation :man_shrugging:

Another possible solution for you, ride the Tron bike. There is no such up/down for slow cadence nor is there a in/out of the draft animation.

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I learnt a new word! :smiley:

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Agreed. I ride with folks that can maintain the same w/kg and I’d like to not be embarrassed with a drinking and or standing avatar letting hem know how easy the ride is for me, with my friends.

With respect to standing and sitting, what you see your avatar doing is not the same as what others see your avatar doing. You will see your avatar stand when the grade is 3% or greater and your cadence falls below 70. Others will see your avatar stand when the grade is 3% or greater regardless of your cadence.

Thanks Aaron.

How about the drinking from the bottle? My avatar get a drinking problem too, when going slow.

I’m not sure what others see with regard to drinking from the bottle (I can’t recall if I see others drinking), but I can say that only ‘entry level’ bikes (those that a rider can acquire fairly early on in their ‘Zwift career’) actually have bottles. Once you ‘purchase’ a higher level bike there are no water bottles and you won’t even see your own avatar taking a drink.

My guess is that this is to help remind people who are new to Zwift that drinking is important, and that Zwift thinks you’ve figured this out by the time you get a higher-level whip.

Zwift has taken my self-flagellation to a new level

That’s really interesting, I always wondered why everybody else was standing when I’m seated coming out of the tunnel on to Piccadilly…

On the drinking, I’m sure that I still see myself taking a swig on a Pinarello, do I need to choose something better?

If you’re on a Pinarello and your rider is drinking, I’m guessing you are on the F8 from the Tour Italy Challenge. (I think it is the only Pinarello with a bottle.) There’s really no need to change, unless you want your Avatar to stop taking swigs. When selecting a bike (from your garage or the Drop Shop) you should be able to see whether or not there is a bottle on the frame. If there is not then your avatar won’t drink.

I’m not really worried to be honest, I just didn’t know that some bikes had drinks supplied and some didn’t.

Hadn’t been on Zwift for a few weeks (injuries) and came back yesterday to find that my avatar is now standing when climbing when I’m doing under 80rpm - I swear it used to be 70rpm was the threshold.

As someone who is a natural grinder rather than a spinner - my average cadence is barely over 80 on the flats - it makes me look like I’m standing most of the time, even on the slightest of slopes.

I don’t know if this is any less abrupt, but I rode the Yorkshire course tonight and my avatar was out of the saddle at 80 rpm, instead of 70. Thus still happens on grades of 3% or more. Not sure why they changed, or if it affects all courses or just Yorkshire.

I don’t know about the rpm but yeah, on Yorkshire yesterday my damn avatar was up and down like a yo-yo and it was starting to drive me nuts. I think I’ll switch back to the Tron bike as suggested higher up.

Seems to not be course specific. I’ve noted the change on Watopia and Innsbruck. The animation change is out of my climbing sweet spot and a lot less annoying!

I did a couple of laps of Yorkshire last week and the up & down drove me mad!

Please revert to whatever the old settings were.

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I’m not on a grade I’m on a flat and my avatar is sanding and has been since I began. Why? Never before👀

Question: Is your avatar standing like you would when climbing out of the saddle (i.e. head up and hands on the hoods), or standing like you would in a sprint (i.e. head down and hands in the drops)? I saw in another post where someone had a similar issue and the causation was that there FTP was set very low. With the new ‘sprinting’ algorithm that Zwift recently introduced your avatar will get into the sprinting position at 200% of your FTP (used to be 460 watts with no reference to FTP). So, if you’re FTP (in Zwift) is set at a low value it may appear that your avatar is sprinting all the time.

So, check your FTP and if it’s really low (you probably know what sort of watts you normally put out) set it higher (if you put it at something like 1000 your avatar may never get out of the saddle - except on climbs - but your workouts may become REALLY hard. Alternatively, take one of the FTP tests so that you get a good value and set your FTP at that.

I hope this solves your issue!

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As of 1.0.44368 on 31 Dec 2020, the stand/sit threshold is back at 70rpm. However, when pedaling in that range 69-70-71, the avatar pops up and down, sometimes without even a transition animation. It breaks immersion.

I would propose that using a different threshold to stand and to sit would work. For example: if the rider is currently sitting and cadence drops below 70 transition to standing, and if the rider is currently standing and cadence goes above 75, transition to sitting.

70 is way better than 80.
But yes, a bit of a Hysterese would be good, like +/- 3 or sth like that.