Stop Me Wanting To Smack My Avatar

(Carl Nolan) #1

Whilst riding yesterday I was going up a small incline and was riding out of the saddle doing 400+ Watts. At this point I was breathing hard and my eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of my head.

You can imagine my annoyance when looking up to see my avatar decide to sit down and take a drink. I assume he needed a Red Bull to keep going. I just wanted to smack him :slight_smile:

What logic goes behind deciding if an avatar take a drink. Maybe stop this happening when someone is say 25% above FTP.

(Andrew Jarrod) #2

Strange.  It’s normally fairly accurate.  I guess to make it any more so you’d need a Kinetic / similar device to be watching you.

When I get over 400w the Avatar actually stops, falls off and a medic appears with Oxygen.  Uncanny  ;-)

(Paul Allen) #3

I am sure this will be a work in-progress. It is cool that we even have the ability to have the avatar react to us when we push more watts. 

(Carl Nolan) #4

Hooking up a connect would be cool, guess that could be a long term goal.

Usually when you sprint your avatar does react. Guess I was not pushing enough Watts this time so it was in relaxed mode. Guess I need to do better.

(Stuart Davis) #5

I find my Avatar very lethargic to react to my activity also.

Sometimes he will just take the mick, the other day I was going for the sprint and holding 600w, my avatar was riding no-hands and texting.

(Graeme Bird) #6

ANT+ enabled water bottles so that when you take a drink your avatar does.

(Michael Henasey) #7

Avatar animations are the same for everyone, regardless of weight, height, or FTP.

Drinks are “random”.

Sitting up is when you are drafting or when you are riding at a slow enough velocity (<40 kph?). Otherwise, you go into the drops.

Standing while climbing is when you are < 70 RPM and the gradient is > 3%.

Perhaps one day Zwift will update the animations to be more tuned to you as a rider and take into account your FTP, duration of ride, TSS, w/kg, etc.