Drinking problem

The last couple of rides my avatar has developed a drinking problem. She’s always reaching for the bottle. Sometimes she has 3-4 drinks in 30 seconds. She just can’t stop. This drinking is becoming very distracting.

It appears that the drinking has affected her cadence as well. When she’s drinking the avatar’s cadence goes way up even if I’m only peddling at 60-70.

Can someone from Zwift let me know why my avatar is hitting the bottle so hard? Is there a rehab facility available for problem drinkers?  I also noticed on group rides my avatar sometimes seems to move over to the other side of the road from the rest of the group, maybe it’s because she’s drunk.


Comment of the day for me  - luv it :slight_smile:

Seriously though, you have a point, although my avatar doesn’t do hydration these days, I have observed other avatars being heavily into the bottle.

Climbing the radio-tower earlier this week the rider beside me hit the bottle a couple of times while climbing the 13/17% segment - not seen that before. - LOL

It can be seen here at about 2:30


Ride On!  (hydrated)

You thought that intro message "What’s in your water bottle?’ was just a joke?  :slight_smile:

@Eva Barabas are you a new signup and haven’t ridden much on Zwift? When i started ridding on Zwift my Avatar was drinking all the time. It was just so annoying but now that i have thousands of KMs it has stopped. I believe its just a thing for new riders so they get reminded to drink properly.  That’s something newbies usually forget. (PS: I am not saying you are a newbie, just maybe to Zwift)

Hi Andre, I’m definitely not a Zwift newbie. I’ve been using Zwift since beta (about 3 years) and ride on it a fair amount in the wintertime. I do remember how the avatars used to drink a fair amount in the early days and then it just seemed to go away. I noticed the same thing with mine recently and I’m assuming it’s a bug. Hopefully they will fix it soon because it’s very distracting.

they drink when you back off… ride harder :wink:

Nice comment :). 


Your avatar drinks when effort and cadence falls below some level… If you have a sudden drinking problem (err…your avatar of course…), you might want to check if your cadence is correct, or if the signal is dropping/your sensor is in error…

If you use the Zwift TT bike you will get no drinking at all.

@Paul … Or Concept (Tron)   :)