Drinking Animation

Having used a Concept bike for a while, then returning to more specialised bikes for hilly courses, it is striking how irritating the drinking animation is.

During a race, Cat A race in Innsbruck, my avatar reached for the bottle 15 times in 1km of riding.

Is there any way to turn it off? It makes having any other bike in the garage a non feature as for this reason alone, I wont use them

FWIW: I think only the bikes that are available relatively early on in Zwift have the drinking animation. I presume this is to serve as a reminder for those just getting started to drink with some frequency. So, if you don’t like your avatar drinking just select a different bike that doesn’t have the attached water bottle. The Trek Madone and Felt AR would be a couple of options, but there are plenty more.

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Ok, useful to know.

Using Tarmac Pro, Cervelo S5, not sure either are “Early bikes” though.

Looks like the Tarmac Pro (available at Level 11) has a water bottle, but the S5 (available at Level 25) does not.