Avatar behavior.

(H 2.O) #1

I am not sure why my avatar is so relaxed during the races even though I am almost permanently in red. 

My avatar behave like Fabian Cancellara during Ronde van Vlaanderen 2010 while I look more like Tom Boonen during the same race.

I put 340 watts out of the saddle at 70 rpm passing other avatars which ride out of the saddle (like me) but my avatar sits calmly drinking water not even going in drops. Does my avatar believe is Cancellara’s avatar?

Sometime I am at the front pushing over 300 watts and my avatar is again relaxed in a saddle like he is taking an easy Sunday afternoon ride while the avatars behind me with a smaller watt/kg output look all aerodynamic in the drops like real pros.

What make an avatar go in the drops anyway? 

Please give me some details about what make an avatar go out of saddle or go in the drops. 

(Amaury Chaidron) #2

The same here. I’m in red zone. Maybe 400 watt and my avatar stay sit on the saddle looking around and gently take a drink.
Maybe because i use workout mode?

(Michael Shirey) #3

He probably is really standing it’s just that your not seeing it on your screen.  I ride regularly with my girlfriend and what I see on my screen is not what she see’s on her screen.  So when I look at her screen I see myself standing but on my screen I appear sitting.  Same thing with her avatar.  Also yesterday we noticed on my screen the sun was shining and on her screen it was much darker and overcast.  We were at the same location on the map and veiwing the same background.  

(H 2.O) #4

Interesting fact  Michael Shirey thank for sharing Why would the same avatars have different behaviors on different computers? Is this intentional or is only a bug? In theory make no sense. I wander if the avatar behavior has anything to do with individual computer resources. 

(Nicholas Schneider wbr-b) #5

if your drafting you sit upright and if your not and above a certain speed you go into the drops. You won’t stand in the saddle unless your power output is high enough and your cadence slow enough to induce the computer to show you standing. 

(Ian Kessinger) #6

You stand when you are at a 3% or more grade and under 70 rpms.  Im not sure whats required to be in the drops.