Dropping places while cornering, poor technique?


I’ve noticed that, especially on the hairpin corners in London and Richmond, when I’m in a small group, my avatar will often (most of the time) swing wide and drop back several places on the way out of the corner.

This happens even when I accelerate, upping my power by 50-100 watts, through the corner. So I don’t think it’s due to other rides sprinting away from me (…and they generally stay together).

Am I missing something here, is there a technique to cornering I’m not aware of?

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it’s only an avatar think someone told me, the other riders in that same group have this as well, nothing to worry about :wink:


I have also noticed this,on most sharp hairpins the avatar usually take a wide turn like an idiot :joy: loosing ground to the group,have to power up a bit before the turn to stay in contact.I dont know why this is the case!


I’ve also read that avatars behave slightly differently between what you see and what other riders see. When they stand up etc. But, I don’t think this explains me dropping back places in the group?

Thinking about it, it would make sense that if you keep on the power, or even accelerate, into the corner you would go wide if already going quickly! Like IRL. Could it be that easing into the corner might give a better line and carry speed better? I’ve been concentrating on trying not to be dropped, so that could well be it. Worth giving it a go!

if the others have this as well why is the avatar of your own doing it then?

I have this too, I drop several places in a group and have to up my watts by 50ish to get back in. It is worse on hairpins where I go massively wide and everyone else stays tight to the bend. I am 95kg and 195cm so could it be a weight or height thing? The comments about everyone seeing their avatar behave differently don’t add up as I physically drop places each time it happens.

Yes, im 81kg and i got that idea.

By going into the bend fast, a tall heavy guy on a larger bike frame would naturally go wider. Perhaps this is it.

How you look on your screen is not how your avatar looks to others on their screens

It’s possible that people see themselves going wide on their screen and up their power, while on your screen you see that same person taking a tight line and gaining distance from you

There’s nothing you can do about it, no reason to stress…just pedal harder if you are falling behind and don’t think about racing line


I have been experimenting in the Tour of London with how this works and it appears that when I accelerate through the hairpin and other big turns, I do not fall back from the group. However if I don’t, then my avatar goes wide of the group and falls back. I would be curious to hear from someone at Zwift about it.

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I can clarify that it is not A weight thing
Being a 60k rider, I experience the same.

Is it because people tend to accelerate after corners just as they would outside, although not necessary on Zwift?

I see it a lot on Watopia when you have the gradual climb out of the fishing village, which lots of Turns.

Already tried racing on lowest details, but doesnt seem to help.

I seem to recall seeing something about this on another thread. What was said there was something along the lines of it being purely visual, as the road and other riders turn more with the road, but your avatar stays basically centered on the screen. This would seem to indicate that every rider sees their avatar ‘out of the draft’ in corners, but as far as the game itself is concerned you are still in the pack.


Better than an in-game map -
A left turn is coming whenever my avatar drifts to the right side of the group I’m in, taking the outside line.
A right turn is coming whenever my avatar drifts to the left side of the group I’m in taking the outside line.


Interesting read. Could just be that everyone sees themselves dropping for the “middle of screen reason” and then reacts by upping power making the lie a truth for those that don’t do it. Anyone notice a change in pattern riding in A vs C or D?


I have the same problem. In France, on serpentin road, I always drop out from group - in the group people have about 3w/kg, I have 5w/kg and I fall off. At each turn I have information on the top, a close gap 5 meters -(before corner there is no gap) just after the turn it disappears. So I can’t race on these routes because even 5w/ kg won’t let me stay with the group.

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I have this problem in all races. slowing down before a corner will help a bit, but if I come outside the draft then, it will not help.

Whenever I am riding in a group I get the same problem. I drift out to the side on the corners and seem to lose ground against the others. Also sometimes I seem to drift out of the pack to the side and then lose mulitple places until I up the watts to get back into the group.

I am assuming it must be the way I am riding. In realty of course, we could ride a tighter corner by applying loads of break to kill the speed, and then immediatly add the power on the way out of the turn, but obviously we can’t do that on zwift.

I was thinking is it a setting that I havn’t set , but it appears not.

Would love to know how to avoid the lose of drafting in these situations.


I suffer exactly the same - out wide on corners, fall out of the draft, drop back some places and need to up the watts to get back in the group. Glad to know I’m not alone, but would be nice to hear something from the Zwift technical team on this?

All riders experience the same. If you watch a couple of live streams of riders in the same group, you will see that both of them are placed laterally in different places to what they see of themselves and others. You can even do this in Fanview by switching between riders.

One thing that you could consider doing is power up as you through the corner, because thats what a lot of us do naturally in corners IRL so we do it in Zwift too. The twisties in France tho - they are more painful than they need to be :laughing:

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I have this problem too!!!
I’d also think it might be down to weight/speed/watts… but, I don’t think so…!!! I’ve tried lots of approaches, but, still get flung from side to side, especially on winding descents!
My info has been that this is down to tvOS…? I’m pretty sick of it tbh… I lose places on every winding route…
Fix it…!!!
Also… once flung to the side, I get the “close the gap” info… which means that I’ve lost draught…