Rider position

Rode my first group ride today but my avatar spent most of the time on the hoods rather than the drops which is where almost everyone else seemed to be. Is this a set up issue or is it related to cadence or power data? Thanks.

You might find that you are riding in the draft of others.

If you want to be in the drops, go to the side and overtake or keep to the front i.e. keep enough distance to anyone in front of you.

If you are drafting your riders goes upright to show that he is more relaxed. You should feel it in the pedalling effort too.

The behaviour will be different on the TT bike or the Tron bike as there is no drafting possible with these.


Thanks for the reply. I submitted a ticket to Zwift and they said it is a bug and that other riders actually do see you on the drops. Its a minor issue which they will eventually fix. 

I was asking myself the same question for months, and now decided to search for it on google… I look like a beginner when riding on the hoods vs the drops. :slight_smile: Good to know Zwift is working on it.
Especially when competing in a race, I hate to see my avatar with the hands relaxt on the handlebars when I am putting max effort into it!

I had the same thing happen to my rider last night. It looks like he is doing pushups while all the other riders remained in aero position only rising to climb when the cadence dropped and power went up. My rider looked like a giant tool bag!


I still have this problem and always have. Constantly on the hoods sitting in an upright position. Extremely annoying. I have also had tickets with zwift on this issue, saying that other riders may not see me like this, but I’m not buying it. 

Have you guys seen any change/fix or do you still ride your bike looking like you ride a MTB?

Hey Hilde. I must admit my avatar is now mostly on the drops and to be honest I only really noticed today after seeing your post. I’m pretty sure other riders see you on the drops too even if you see yourself on the hoods. 

Not a bug, it’s intentional to give you a visual cue of whats happening. See https://zwiftinsider.com/rider-hand-position/