Not able to Draft!

I am on Level 10 Using a Chapter2 Bike and i see my avatar always sitting up on the hoods even when cruising above 40KMPH.I have read that while drafting normally the avatar sits up in the hood but anything above 35KMPH it should go down on the drops. DId a group ride with more than 150+ riders and got “No Close the Gap” nor my avatar down. Ride average speed was 36KMPH.Changed the camera angel to see everyone on the drops apart from me. What am i doing wrong here ?

If you are drafting your avatar will sit up. This is the only indication you have that you’re in the draft, and it doesn’t depend on your speed. You also only see your own avatar sit up, even if everyone else is drafting too.

When you’re not drafting (e.g. riding solo), you’ll be in the drops at higher speeds (around 32kph).

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Thank you Daren. This was on my head from the past 2days. Finally got the answer :slight_smile:


Happy to help, Dinesh! Welcome to Zwift! :smiley:

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Daren so in the peloton while drafting all the avatars are on the hoods but when you change the camera angle you only see your avatar on the hoods while all the others on the drops?

Yes when your avetar goes into the draft he will sit up on the hoods to give his back a break from being in the drops chasing.

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