Drafting - avatar behind doesn't sit up

I noticed that riders behind me don’t sit up even though they are close enough to draft. Is it always like this or is this a software bug.

Are you using a time trial bike? If so that’s the reason.

Riders don’t sit up either if they’re on the Tron bike. Also people doing a workout, their rider won’t sit up either.

No it is not a bug, It is only your avatar that will sit up in a draft the others are not programmed to do that, you will also not see other avatars drink water. 


I see a lot of rides sit up in the draft and also see a lot of avatars drinking. I notice this stuff because I HATE when people just jump on my wheel to draft and since I ride the TT bike almost exclusively my avatar does not drink so it’s easy to spot others drinking.

I will have to look out for this, I think I got so use to it that I don’t notice it anymore. 

I know the other avatars will get out of the saddle to climb.

Zwift would greatly benefit from two additional features:

  1. Draft indicator indicating how many watts you are saving in the draft (other systems have had this and it’s extremely useful to help calibrate your power output)

  2. Being able to see if other’s are drafting (sitting up)…


I do find it a tiny bit immersion breaking how, in a big group, my avatar is the only one sitting up. And how when we hit a hill, all other riders are out of the saddle while I’m still sitting. I know it’s just a game, but it’d be nice if all avatars were displayed “correctly” on everyone’s screen, and not just for the person controlling it.

@Tim: getting out of the saddle depends on certain factors. When ridding a hill and you keep your cadence above 70RBM your avatar will stay seated. If it drops below 70 he will stand up. The gradient must be >3%. Then again when sprinting or riding pretty hard its the same thing. I believe you must be pushing something around 8w/KG for your Avatar to stand up.

That’s all BS - it’s been several rides now since i’ve posted and i’ve never seen any rider behind drafting behind me sit-up. Whether they were on a workout or not doing a workout - no one sit up behind me.


That sit-up function is definitely not in operation.

As I said before I don’t think Zwift programmed the other riders to sit up when they are in the draft, my guess is that it is just to much to keep track of. 

And I don’t see any advantage to seeing other in the draft. If you can them behind you then they are 100% in the draft.

I heard they stay in you draft up to 6m behind you.