Avatar issue head up in the crowd


When using all kind of bikes except Tron my avatar acts different from all others riders there. When everyone has their body in racer position my avatar sits with hear head up , allways in the crowd. I want it to be fixed pls?!
My user is Diana MtQueen X

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That isn’t a bug, its a feature… when your avatar sits up it indicates you are in the draft. This is why it happens when you are in the crowd. The tron bike doesn’t do this, not sure why, but it never has and your avatar will never sit up (or drink from a water bottle) when using the tron bike.

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It can’t be. It happens on all group ride, and my avatar is the Only one all the time. Among 100 and all the time. Im sure it’s a issue or bug!

… and i want to use other bikes with a avatar that acts like the others! Because it looks a little stupid how it is now

It is as @Mike_Rowe1 wrote. Everyone can see only the own avatar sitting up.


Hmmm ok. Better explained , Thank u

Slightly more information here:


Now that I’ve seen it I can’t unsee it so I’m trying to understand. In a crowd my avatar sits up because it’s in the draft. The other avatars don’t sit up - why? Are they not in the draft?

Also, riding with Miguel today, the other avatars did sit up going up hills. Why?

Not a big deal by any means. Just trying to understand.

does this help?