Avatar won't stand when climbing

As the title says my avatar no longer gets out of the saddle when climbing. If I sprint he get’s up and does his business but when I climb the stubborn little bugger refuses to stand regardless of cadence. I have been grinding away at 40RPM and lower to try and get him out of the saddle but to no avail… This has been going on for at least 3 months now. At first I thought it might have been a “feature” of the Tron bike but other Tron avatars stand so I’m at a loss…
Any suggestions?
Running latest version of app 1.33.3 on iPad Pro 3rd Gen. iPadOS16.2 about to upgrade to 16.3

Tron riders don’t stand.

That’s what I like about it. As someone who can frequently ride along at 70rpm not having the avatar bouncing up and down like a jack in the box is a good thing.

“There is one exception to the 3%/70RPM rule, and that is the Tron bike. Zwift’s animators did not include an out of the saddle climbing posture for this frame, so you will never see a Tron rider standing up on climbs (or sitting up in the draft, for that matter). There is a sprinting posture, however.”


Thanks :slight_smile: Those stands I’ve seen on other Tron bikes must have been 2 x FTP efforts on the ascent.

Yeah they do.

I think that’s classified as the sprint animation, not standing for a climb.


You’re right, my bad.

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